10 (More) Favorite iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents

If you’re looking for the first post of 10 Favorite iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents, you can get it by clicking here. I’m always looking for apps that help real estate agents perform their job on a daily basis.  Here are 10 more that I think you should consider:

1.  UStream.  Yes, most of us have heard of UStream, and many of us have used it for streaming conferences and meetings live.  I must give credit here to Jeremy Hart for telling me about this use for the app.  Have you ever been in a situation where you are showing property to one spouse and the other is not there?  Perhaps it’s a situation where Dad is being transferred and is house hunting, while Mom stays behind at home with the kids.  Think about handing Dad your iPad (2 or 3 version w/ camera) and letting him “live stream” the houses he is walking through while Mom watches on the computer at home.

2.  Skitch.  If you have not tried Skitch, you are missing out on some awesomeness.  Skitch lets you take a screenshot, quickly mark it up, and then send it off.  Perfect for proofing ads, collaborating on ideas, giving a seller staging suggestions and more.

3.  ESRI/BAO.  Want to know the demographics and data such as average income for the spot in which you are currently standing?  This is the app for you.  Great for data fanatics!

4.  uEligibility.  Do you work with USDA buyers and sellers?  You will want this app.  Just enter and address or use the map checker to determine whether or not a property is eligible for USDA financing.

5.  MagicPlan.  With this app, there is no excuse to not have a floor plan drawn for every one of your listings.  Be sure to watch the video tutorials to learn how to use the app properly before jumping into this.  Use this to your advantage at your next listing appointment!

6.  iAnnotatePDF.  There are TONS of pdf editors out there for the iPad.  I happen to like this one; however, I recommend trying a few until you get one that you like.  Why a pdf editor?  Because it will make your life will be heavenly; that’s why.  Forget the Zipform App – it stinks.  Pull your blank or pre-filled contracts from Dropbox into iAnnotate and get them done quickly.  You can email them right from the app to Docusign, or save back into Dropbox, or have your client sign right on your iPad.  Easy peasy.

7.  Skype.  Nothing new here; just a reminder.  Before calling your clients, think about whether or not it would be more effective to Skype them.  Better yet, when you list a seller’s home, how about setting up a weekly Skype meeting with them to keep them updated on the progress of their sale?  I don’t understand why real estate agents are still driving to their client’s houses to complete paperwork.  Your doctor doesn’t come to your house to review your lab results.  Your attorney doesn’t come to your house to review a settlement offer.  If your clients can’t come to your office to review an offer during your business hours, set up a Skype appointment.

8.  JotNotFax.  There are still people and businesses in this world who use a fax machine.  Really.  Just because you might, someday, have to send a fax, doesn’t mean you need to keep your land line and fax machine.  There are lots of apps for faxing available and some will let you fax a page or 2 for free.  JotNot isn’t free, but you can send as many pages as you need and it will let you know how much the fax will cost.  A small price to pay for convenience.

9.  AtomicWebBrowser.  Safari isn’t compatible with all websites.  Atomic is a web browser that allows you to open those sites you can’t access in Safari, or are just clunky in Safari.  Sorry, MLXchange can’t be opened in AtomicWebBrowser.  To get the deets on accessing MLXchange on an Ipad, there’s a separate post for that here.

10.  Evernote.  If you are not using Evernote, or if you loaded it and never took the time to use it, sit down on a Sunday morning and force yourself to get to know Evernote.  This is such a rich program with the ability to completely transform your business (and life in general) for the better.  But…there is a learning curve.  Krisstina Wise offers a great tutorial series on using Evernote in real estate and it’s well worth the investment.

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  • Dean Ouellette July 25, 2012 at 1:57 am

    ONly problem with ustream is the delay.. i use skype or facetime for showing houses on my ipad to out of state clients.

    Love Skitch and Evernote… Iannotate is good, but have you tried PDFExpert? I like it even more.

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