LeaseRunner – A Paperless, Seamless Way to Lease Your Property

LeaseRunner was one of the featured companies in the Start Up Alley at Inman Real Estate Connect NYC 2012.  I’ve been wondering for years why a system like LeaseRunner wasn’t in place.  I’m happy to see them come into the limelight.

Here are a few features I really like about the LeaseRunner system:

  1. It’s cost efficient even if you only use it for one property.  You only pay for the features you choose to use.  Want to order a credit check but not an eviction screening?  You can do that.  Already have a tenant and just want to set them up with ACH?  You can do that too.
  2. You can choose who pays for what.  If you want to charge the applicant for an application fee and the landlord for the screening, you can set that up.  Since the fees are collected as the application and lease process moves forward, the property manager has less rick of being “stuck” with the bill for screening and leasing fees.
  3. Digital application.  Prospective tenants apply online via their computer or smart phone.  LeaseRunner doesn’t charge for an application; however, the property manager may opt to charge an application fee and collect it electronically.
  4. Execute the lease electronically and with a digital signature.  No more paper leases.  Lease fields are pre-populated with the property and tenant data.  Use your own leases and forms and/or choose from LeaseRunner’s extensive library of documents.
  5. LeaseRunner is much more secure than a filing cabinet.  You never see a social security number.  Credit card and bank account numbers are masked.  Ultimately, this limits the liability of the Brokerage.
  6. Reports.  The reports are rich, easy to read and can easily be exported in a csv file.

Take a tour of LeaseRunner below and share your thoughts.



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