My 10 Favorite iPad Apps for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, I’ve learned that my iPad is an invaluable tool.  I’ll admit, I’m somewhat of an “app junkie”.  I love finding new apps and trying them out.  Here is a list of my favorite apps today and how I use them.  Some may work for you, some may not.  You will notice that I haven’t added a single real-estate-specific app.  In my opinion, real estate apps aren’t tools I use every day.  These are.  Try them out and let me know what you think!

1.  Penultimate.  Yes, almost everyone who has an iPad has this app.  It’s great for note taking.  What I like even more; however, is the ability to take those notes and send them right from my iPad to someone else.  For example, while I was attending a conference, a landscaper called me and had some questions about what my seller wanted done on the front of his home.  I was able to draw out a rough sketch and email it directly to the landscaper, who opened up the attachment on his phone and got right to work.  I never had to leave my seat at the conference.

2.  AppAdvice.  From the same people who make the must have app for iPad newbies, AppStart.  AppAdvice is a wonderful tool to find apps on sale, reviews and recommendations of new, updated and useful apps.

3.  TaskPRO.  I think I have tried every task management app available.  This one worked best for me.  I like how I can customize regularly occurring tasks and the ease of use.  The ease of use factor is the most important to me because if it’s too hard to keep up with, I will give up.

4.   CalenGoo.  If you use Google Calendar, you need this app.  It’s much more user friendly than the mobile version of Google calendar.  It synchronizes automatically with your calendar and has a great week-at-a-glance screen.  I keep it set at the week setting so if I am on the phone or in front of someone and need to look at my calendar, it pops open in about 2 seconds.  The only downside is that the calendar has to sync with your Google calendar so you need to pop it open regularly.

5.  Dragon Dictation.  This app is fabulous!  Just say what you want to say and send your dictated message as an email, Twitter or Facebook post.  I use this mostly to send reminders to myself; however, the dictation has been so accurate, I’m using it more often for emails.

6.  The Amortizer.  Like Task apps, I’ve also tried quite a few calculator apps and this one is my favorite.  Simple to use and I like that I can add estimated closing costs and email a pdf of the loan info directly to my clients.    While I don’t show houses very often, I can see how this would be great for a buyer’s agent to type in the figures while showing a house her client likes and email the results to them so they can review and compare against other homes.

7.  Docusign.  Need I say more?  I use it everyday.  Couldn’t live without it.  The best electronic signature program out there.  How in the world did we sell real estate without Docusign?  Also, Docusign now offers a FREE version to Realtors.  There’s no excuse not to use it!  I need to buy stock in that company.

8.  iThoughtsHD.  Thanks to Jim Duncan for getting me addicted to this app.  This app is mind mapping on steriods.  You can create amazing things with this app and really impress your clients!  I recently used it to create a “plan” for listing my client’s home.  We discussed all that needed to be done prior to putting it on the market and I entered it all into iThoughtsHD.  He and I then were on the same page for what we each needed to do and in what time frame.  Then, after we put his house on the market, I created a map showing him what I would be doing regarding marketing, feedback, communication and created another map for him with what he should be doing to keep his home in show-able condition.  While we don’t use it as a tool for our real estate team, I can see it being a very useful tool for others.

9.  Dropbox.  Another “no brainer” app.  Access your contracts and other documents from anywhere, anytime.  I negotiated a contract once from the giraffe observation deck at the zoo.  Seriously.  You need this app.

10.  Zite.  This is my favorite new app.  I describe it as a “smart” news and information app.  You customize what news you want to see and it feeds it all into your personalized, iPad magazine.  As you read through it, the app asks if you liked or did not like a particular item which causes the app to get smarter and smarter about only feeding items you want to read.

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