Do You Plan Travel Around Wi-Fi Access?

I was thinking about this last night as I was putting together my travel plans for NARDiGras.

I try to stay in hotels that are part of the Hilton chain because I know I will be able to access free wi-fi.  Going to New York, I prefer to take the train rather than fly so I can bring my Verizon Mi-fi card and have wi-fi all the way.  When I saw that JetBlue will soon be offering satellite-based wi-fi on their flights, that pretty much sealed the deal that they are my preferred airline along with Virgin Atlantic.

But….I don’t want to pay for it.  I’ll suck it up and pay for my checked bag, a drink in-flight, or even a seat at the window…but to charge me for wi-fi when I travel?  That’s just not cool!  Yes, I understand that it costs hotels, airlines and restaurants a lot of money to provide wi-fi and I must sound pretty selfish to expect them to not pass the cost along to me.  Hear me out:  if you have a plane full of people occupying themselves with their laptops and mobile devices, they will be a much happier plane full of people?  Delays?  Much more bearable.  When we have the ability to communicate, we are a happier population as a whole.

To help with your travels:  I found this list of hotels that offer free wi-fi.  And this recent article about how airlines are slowly meeting the needs of the wi-fi needy traveling public.

Happy travels!

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